A Land For All

Music and Lyrics by Mark E. Loquan
Arranged and Produced by Roger Israel, Andy Sheafe, Mark Loquan
Pan by Andy Sheafe
Sung by Mark Loquan
Executive Producer MLQ Music Ltd.
Published by MLQ Music Ltd, email: mlqpan(at)hotmail.com
Copyright © 1996 COTT All Rights Reserved


The first song "A Land for All", I do not really count in my 10yrs of writing for Panorama, as it was composed in 1986, and eventually recorded in 1996. 
A video was also released in that year as
» can be seen at YouTube

It was a song though that encouraged me to write for pan, as it was played by the winning Ensemble (Super Sonics in Belmont) of Pan is Beautiful IX in October 1998, which qualified the band for World Steelband Festival in 2000. The recording of this arrangement is included on my "Passion for Pan" album. 

The song is patriotic in nature, with very interesting chord changes and progressions, composed on guitar.  The person who encouraged me to record it was Michael "Manish" Robinson, who taught me quite a lot of pan in Silver Stars, and who currently resides in Japan with several steelpan academies. He had put me on to a talented arranger, called Andy Martin Sheafe, who also currently lives in Japan. We recorded the song at Hole in the Wall Studios, Diego Martin, Trinidad with Roger Israel.  
Andy went on to arrange the songs "A Land for All" and "Calypso Music" for Pan is Beautiful IX.

So began this journey prior to writing for Panorama.  


Walking on our sand, where many looked for gold
This country changed through many hands
But as the battles grew, the English conquered all
Colonial 'till nineteen sixty two

'Cause that was La Trinidad, a land they did not know
That was a paradise, but not El Dorado
Know by the name Kairi many years ago

Looking at this land, where people live as one
Together, joined by a hidden bond
Friendly people that you meet, be they young or be they old
Steelband music is the rhythm in their souls

And this is Trinidad and Tobago
Where people come and go, but leave their heart and soul
In this beautiful land of the Humming Bird

Interlude (Intro chords)

Now as I watch the sun go down, I know that I belong
To a land that shines on many races, with smiles upon their faces

(Pan Solo - Verse chords)

Extended Verse
So I think that it was fate, when in fourteen ninety eight
Columbus gazed upon this shore, he'd never seen before
So let's make this island in the sun, a place for everyone to be free
In this tropical star..... of the Caribbean