Composed by Mark Loquan & Ken "Professor" Philmore
Lyrics and vocals by Destra Garcia
Produced by Junior 'Ibo' Joseph
Pan solo by Ken "Professor" Philmore
Copyright © COTT 2013 All Rights Reserved
Released for Panorama 2013


The Destra/Loquan/Philmore team is back again in 2013, this time doing an exclusive piece for NLCB Fonclaire arranged by Ken “Professor” Philmore. The team has been together producing songs for the Panorama since 2008 with “Hooked”, “D Trini Way”, “Surrender”, “Rewind”, “Calling Meh”, “De Player” and “Vibes”. Prior to that Loquan and Destra had already teamed up in 2006 and 2007 to produce “Colours Again” and “We Luv Carnival” respectively. 2013 represents the 15th consecutive year of composing music for Panorama for Loquan, now based in Perth, Australia. 

For their 6th consecutive year as a song-writing team, their presentation for 2013 is “Addicted”, composed by Mark Loquan and Ken “Professor” Philmore (Pro), with lyrics and vocals by Destra Garcia. Loquan did the basic melody structure with producer Junior “Ibo” Joseph, after returning to Trinidad in June 2012, and composing on the digital pan application on his iPad (by Digital Business) on the journey to Trinidad. Ken enhanced the piece with his signature vibes, with Destra writing the piece with Fonclaire and Ken in mind. Pro has faced his challenges over several decades, the most notable was Fonclaire’s masterpiece “Pan by Storm”, composed and arranged by Ken, placing 2nd in 1990. 

Despite his ups and downs, Ken continues to represent Trinidad and Tobago as a proud ambassador of the national instrument. In 2011, he performed in South Africa for the launch of their first Carnival, which was a great success. In November 2012, he was invited with Courts Sound specialists by the Government of Nigeria for their Carnival celebrations in Abuja. He continues to make his mark into new territory with his recent visit to Japan, where he conducted a series of lectures and concerts. The team is happy to once more make a musical statement for the Panorama in 2013. 

“Ken had originally took a break from composing this year. Both Destra and I are happy he decided to rejoin the team, perhaps he is really addicted to the music and the instrument, maybe we all are. As Destra writes about Ken "On a mission, trust me I here to stay... Ah not giving up... I will never stop." I believe we are a good example where the sum of the parts is bigger than the individual parts when it comes to producing music for Panorama. We live on opposite ends of the globe, but still the music keeps us united. Thanks to “Ibo” for his usual production magic, and we wish Ken and Fonclaire a good season in 2013. Sorry I will not be there to enjoy it” says Loquan.


Since I small, I’ve been doing this
This eh no stupidness
I am a slave to de steelpan
You will find me here every year
Like I doh have a care, inside de band
Where de wind blow, I going dey
Tell dem get outta de way
Man is iron, I doh care what dey say
Ah not giving up... I will never stop

I am addicted, ya know I am addicted, I’m addicted
I am addicted, tell dem I am addicted, I’m addicted
If ya think ya could change my mind, it’s too late... I’m addicted
Do what ya want, tell dem dey... wasting time, wasting time, wasting time, wasting time

I’ve been through hell and back again
I’ll be here till de end
Just give meh sticks and ah steelpan
I just humble and real irie
Nothing go bother me, I playing pan
And nobody could challenge me
I’is the baddest I say
On a mission, trust me I here to stay
Ah not giving up... I will never stop


We come to start de bacchanal, start de bacchanal, wo-yai-yo
Start de bacchanal... hey, hey, hey
We come to start de bacchanal, start de bacchanal, wo-yai-yo
Start de bacchanal... hey, hey, hey, hey

I’m forsaken, believe you me
So I can guarantee
Something divine ‘bout de steelpan
So I’ll go where de vibe take me
Where my spirit feel free, land of iron
And ya better believe it now
I eh going no whey
With conviction, this is de only way
Ah not giving up... I will never stop

End off on Bridge
Pan Solo