Another Time

Music and Lyrics by Mark E. Loquan
Arranged by Jason Dasent
Pan by Natasha Joseph
Sung by Mark Loquan
© April 1999 All Rights Reserved
Published by MLQ Music Ltd., email: mlqpan(at)
Released 2000 for the Passion for Pan Album


“Sometimes you dream about a world where pan takes on a whole new meaning”

I thought I would do a different album (Passion for Pan) by having not only a vocal version of the songs, but also a pan version. “Another Time, Another Place” was quite an inspirational song, where the music and lyrics flowed so easily. What was I seeing was a lack of vision for the instrument and the pan community, fragmenting and suppressing the spirit and desire to have recognition. I was seeing all the people (locally and from all over the world) who come together to learn the music and perform at Panorama, only to go their separate ways afterwards. Tuners were doing their trade all over the Caribbean and beyond, Andy Narell was arranging for Skiffle Bunch, and the thought crossed my mind that the instrument and music had the possibility of uniting us. If only...

I left a message for David Rudder to sing the song, leaving a copy, as it had a similar feel to his style, and if he could not, to still get his comments. I was surprised when he called me and went through some of the lines of the tune, and was quite supportive, for which I am thankful. I ended up singing the song, with Natasha Joseph (from Panazz) performing the background pan lines. Playing the pan version, was Lalchan Ken Samaroo, the brother of Jit Samaroo with beautiful solo arrangements. The song was recorded by Jason Dasent’s studio in Woodbrook, with sound engineer Ian John, who worked many hours on the Passion for Pan album with me.

In years to come, the song would be arranged by Dr. Jit Samaroo for the Samaroo Jets, and scored by the members of the band for the Pan in Education CD.
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Everytime ah hear dis sweet pan sound
Ah doh know why meh pores does raise, and meh heart does pound
Yet we sometimes take it, take it all for granted, ah cyar understand
Why ah feel we now start with dis instrument... in dis blessed land

How one hundred people could get on side by side
Before we might be walking down deh street, without saying “Hi”
Truly the power of pan is more than, more than making music, mamayo
Just like we forge the steel, it have a way to go... it could unite we souls

So take meh to another time, yes another place
Where we truly treat de pan with de utmost grace
where we give thanks for giving birth to de power of pan
where dis unique gift is celebrated by all man

De tuner ha to pound away at a hundred pan
He say he going up de islands for a Carnival
Is then ah realize dis ting ha de power for Caribbean integration
But after fifty years we could only find... fragmentation

So take meh to another place and another time
where pan players doh ha to scrunt for a dollar and dime
And there is respect for de panman, by all de business community
And all de potential becomes reality

So where would we be in the next century
Ah hope we ha de will to learn from our history
And is there a new vision for de pan dat will stand de test of time
Well all ah ask is for some new direction... show us all a sign

Well ‘99 Panorama use a foreign arranger
Is time we look to the international arena
Can de Ministry, TIDCO and Pan Trinbago work together towards dat light
That would make the power of pan burn so bright, yeh so bright... 
we can make it right

So take meh to another time, yes another place
Where de instrument could only cast a smile across our face
And we realize there’s no boundary for dis instrument
So we can only open our hearts, to what is (heaven sent)