Composed by Mark Loquan & Amrit Samaroo
Lyrics by Amrit Samaroo
Sung by Chuck Gordon for Supernovas, Panorama 2016
Produced by Junior "Ibo" Joseph
Copyright © COTT All Rights Reserved


Supernovas is moving from the small to large band category for Panorama 2016, a monumental task for any band to achieve unsponsored. Supernovas is not only seeking to break through in a new category, but also looking to cause musical ruction among the majors with its song composed and written specifically for the band, called “Breakthrough”. 

Mark Loquan, who composed “Dr. Samaroo” (with lyrics by Gregory “GB” Ballantyne, and vocals by Anslem Douglas which was performed by Supernovas in 2015) completed most of the melody by May 2015. “The idea, musically, was to have a verse in a minor key, going to a chorus in a major key to give that explosive effect of a supernova or that burst of energy and contrast. This has not been common in songs composed for Panorama so it should enable the band to make a statement” says Mark. Amrit Samaroo placed his own stamp on the music inserting changes in the melody, and writing the Lyrics, "The story speaks of the trials, triumphs and ambition of Supernovas, giving the listeners an introduction to the little band that can." The band Supernovas hails from Surrey Village, in Lopinot, home of the cultural icon, Dr. Jit Samaroo, Amrit’s legendary father, and where the entire community fully supports the band. 

This is not the first time Mark and Amrit have collaborated, as they have worked together to produce “Brazilian Flagwoman” back in 2009. 

Chuck Gordon, two time Calypso Monarch, injects the song with life, capturing the spirit of the song, with the musical production done by Junior “Ibo” Joseph. 

The band, Supernovas, captured its audience with its precise and rich interpretation of Dr. Samaroo for the first International Panorama held in Trinidad in August 2015, sounding in the vein of Jit himself, by placing 2nd in a field of bands performing from all over the world. It is no doubt, the band is seeking to find its place in history. 

Left to Right: Amrit Samaroo, Junior "Ibo" Joseph, Mark Loquan in the studio

Left to Right: Amrit Samaroo, Junior "Ibo" Joseph, Mark Loquan in the studio


Pan-o-rama is,
Joy and splendour it,
Full of glamour and real tradition! 

Jamming from the street,
Pumping with a soca beat,
The crowd phenomenal,
Begging we not to stop at all,
And when we hit the drag,
Is like the whole of town gone mad,
People moving to the sounds of steel,
This is the panorama that we go make we name,
From the country side, going world wide
Ah lady jump up and say... 

Break-through and Jam!
And give we some room,
Ah just want to hear meh band,
And to feel that boom,
The feeling ah getting from this,
Have me floating away...,
And I don't care what dey say..., 

Like a supernova exploding in front of me, the players
(Jamming, jamming, jamming, jamming), like a spectacle to see, 
Like a supernova exploding in front of me, the bass line
(Booming, booming, booming, booming), I can feel it inside of me
Is Mas in town, 
When the band touch-down,
Hear them go, go, go, go! 

Plenty questions and,
Real reactions some,
Even fight down the band from the start, 

We have no time for that
The mission set we on the track,
We aiming for the top,
Like a rocket dey can't stop, 
From a little village band,
To becoming champions,
It gets brighter with each moment past;
We are the Supernovas we burning up the skies,
Is a fresh new take, it bound to make,
We have the people and dey to... 



Finals is the night,
Bands come out to fight,
Dressed to kill and we shining so bright, 

They rolling one by one,
By the judges to perform,
It all come down to this,
8 minutes of complete bliss,
The grand stand taking notes,
While on TV taking votes,
Who will emerge to take the crown home,
Is flair, is tone, is magic, it's time to hit the stage,
With a little prayer, to the man up there,
We rush the stage and engage to…….