Celebration Time

Composed by Mark Loquan & Edwin Pouchet
Lyrics by Mark Loquan
Arranged by Junior 'Ibo' Joseph, JJ Music Production
Vocals by Steve Sealy
© COTT 2007 All Rights Reserved
Published by MLQ Music Ltd., email: mlqpan(at)hotmail.com
Released for Panorama 2008


"Trinbago has so much to offer, yet we treat Carnival time as transitionary when in fact we should celebrate our talent right throughout the year!"

This song was the first time of collaborating with Edwin Pouchet, arranger of Excellent Stores Silver Stars, with the basic melody composed on pan. After the music bed was put down by Ibo, and listening to it, I decided to make some modifications in the chorus which resulted in new phrasing. Having played my first pan in Silver Stars, it was indeed significant to be collaborating with the leader of one of the most energetic steelbands known for pushing the boundaries and creating history. 
One may recall that Silver Stars is the only steelband to win Band of the Year with Gulliver’s Travels in the early 60’s, and more recently winning the Pan in the 21st Century with Phantom of the Opera arranged by Edwin in 2007. I therefore thank Silver Stars for my foundation in pan.

The lyrics of the song were written in a couple days to bring the song alive in a celebratory fashion, recognizing that the immense talent of our people is reflected in our infectious rhythms and passion in our music.  Some see a paradise to be emulated, some see deterioration over the years in our mas and music.

I see talent that should be harnessed, and encouraged right through the year, but unfortunately the reality is that most of the royalties leave our shore in favour of the foreign music played. Carnival is a celebration time, when we see a transformation in our streets and panyards. If only we can find the formula to transform our society through our rich cultural blessings.

Thanks to Monika of pan-jumbie.com for allowing me to share my music with the pan world, and coining the link after this song's title. It is indeed a small celebration time for me after 10 consecutive years of composing and writing for the pan community.

Thanks to all who have played some role along this journey!


Look at how this nation, does go through a transformation
Like de problems just disappear, at this time of year
Cause is party time, and is fete and lime
Rhythm in de street, sound like a ragga soca beat
Well bacchanal, cyar stay out of de Carnival
Ya just bound to see we on the big screen TV
When we jumping in sweet T and T.

Celebration happening on the street
Oh gawm, how it sweet
Celebration happening in de yard
Bassman, like he mad
Count ya blessings, come and join dis party, baby
Jump in de band, honey, and put up ya hand, baby
Doh wanna lose it, ya feel de music, go directly to ya brain
Ya feel de passion; ya know de rhythm, go infect ya thru ya veins
Ya still wonder how come, music from an oil drum
Could hypnotize, and mesmerize, all ah we.

When ya see my nation, jumping up in celebration
Like a tension filling de air, as de time draws near
For de Carnival, for de festival
Well open your eyes, ya could see a paradise
We reach a stage, every year we start a new page
Can’t you see that de world want to emulate we
When we jamming in sweet T and T.


We go through de motion, but there is a higher notion
Why is only a one-off affair, think right through de year
‘Bout de calypso, on de radio
Watch de royalty, going out of T and T
Appreciate, dis sincere plea to celebrate
So excuse me for sharing dis philosophy
When we talking ‘bout sweet T and T.