Colours Again

Composed by Mark Loquan
Lyrics by Keron Boodoosingh, Joel 'Zan' Feveck
Arranged by Junior 'Ibo' Joseph
Sung by Destra Garcia
© COTT 2006 All Rights Reserved
Published by MLQ Music Ltd., email: mlqpan(at), Destra Garcia
Released 2006 on Alvin Daniell's 2006 Calypso Compilation A Musical Treat, Tribute to Clive Bradley and Destra Garcia's 2006 CD Independent Lady


"A refreshing song taking us back to how it used to be, yet at the same time taking us forward to where it could be."

The melody for this song was in my head for a few years, and whenever I was looking for some relaxation with music, I’d pick up my guitar only to find myself searching for the chords that would match the melody in my head. Normally it would be the other way around, with me experimenting with chord progressions on guitar out of which a melody may flow. Little did I know that the song would surpass my expectations, being the top selected song for Panorama 2006, a choice song in Toronto, Notting Hill and New York Panoramas, and winning the prestigious 2006 COTT Pan Song of the Year Award. That year Ebony won the Notting Hill Panorama with the song arranged by Annise 'Haffers' Hadeed (who had previously arranged Fire and Steel for Starlift in 2001). Merrytones in Trinidad won the Small Band category in the National Panorama finals.

It would be my 8th consecutive year of composing music for Panorama, that I would hear so many bands playing the music in conventional, single pan, Junior categories in all zones of Trinidad and Tobago. The song was a breath of fresh air for me, and representedanother boundary to be explored, the shift to a party style of music, that could crossover the traditional “pan song” styles, and be appreciated by a wider audience.

After hearing Ibo’s music bed for the song in the studio, I thought this would be a perfect song for a person like Destra, the Soca Queen, who had previously entered the pan arena with “Roller Coaster”, a song composed by Andre Tanker. With Ibo’s support, the rest is history. I remember the lyrics taking a long time to be done, as Destra wanted to do the melody justice. Eventually Keron Boodoosingh and Joel Feveck (Zan) were composing the lyrics on the spot in the studio, feeding off the energy of the song with Destra, and painted a vivid picture of the Carnival landscape and atmosphere.

At the COTT Awards function in 2006, the show started off with Destra walking out singing Colours Again a capella, followed by the curtains opening with the colorfully dressed Lydian Singers and Steel Orchestra performing the song with Destra joining in. It was at this point that the song would be forever etched on my memory.

It was exciting to meet all the arrangers from the various bands, who all had their own wonderful interpretations of the song. To top it off, the other song released in 2006, was "Good Times" sung by Denyse Plummer, which was the 3rd most selected song for the Panorama season. There is indeed a lot to give thanks for (ref. Pan Celebration).


(Everybody coming down,
See dem how dey coming down) Repeat

Colours Again! Like a rainbow in Port of Spain
Colours Again! And we jumping up sun or rain
Up in de sky, we flying high, ya see dat is de reason why, de Carnival will never die!
Colours Again! Masquerading all on de street
Colours Again! Man I cyah stop moving meh feet
Up in de sky, we flying high, ya see dat is de reason why, de Carnival will never die!

All de bands out already, Carnival is almost here
Everybody fit and ready, waiting to get "hand in de air"!
('Cause we gone) we exercising
('Cause we gone) 'cause we preparing
('Cause we gone) we gearsing up, for Carnival morning

Tell dem,
We cyah stop with de jumping (jumping)
We cyar stop with de waving (waving)
We cyah wait till de morning when Carnival, come, come, come!



We making a big impression, Carnival is we expression
Rhythm to unite dis nation, Trini to de bone!
('Cause we gone) with a harmony
('Cause we gone) with a melody
('Cause we gone) to raise yuh soul, till yuh losing control!



Extended Jam
Tell dem,
We cyah stop with de jumping (jumping)
We cyar stop with de waving (waving)
We cyah wait till de morning when Carnival come!
We ready for J'Ouvert morning
Chipping to de iron playing
All ya, look a steelband passing, sailors coming down, down, down, down, down

Bridge (similar to Intro)

Chorus and fade


Arranged by Liam Teague for Skiffle Bunch, Panorama 2006
Transcribed for conventional orchestra by Gary Gibson