For The Love

Music by Mark Loquan
Lyrics by Alvin Daniell, Mark Loquan
Arranged by Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe, Pelham Goddard
Pan by Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe
Sung by Denyse Plummer
© 2001 COTT All Rights Reserved
Published by MLQ Music Ltd., email: mlqpan(at)
Released '02 on Alvin Daniell's 2002 Calypso Compilation In Recognition of Panorama


"The sacrifices that have been made by so many pioneers, innovators, pannists, etc, cannot be measured and probably cannot be fully understood. It may have been not only for the love of the instrument, but faith in what it could do for a steelband, or a community."

This song was done while I was away in Norway. The melody was sent to Alvin, who wrote the first draft of the lyrics, which went through a few iterations between both of us, before we were satisfied. It would be the second consecutive time that Len “Boogsie” Sharpe and Pelham Goddard would arrange the song for the studio recording. One can hear the background pan performed effortlessly by Boogsie.

The story speaks for itself, indicating that pan has indeed come a long way from the early days of one being ostracized and viewed as an outcast in society if one were to be involved in pan.

The best memories of this song, was playing with Steel Pan Lovers from Finland in the European Steelpan Festival in Sete, France in 2002.

After hearing an instrumental version of Boogsie playing the song, Ari decided to arrange the song and score it for the European festival, which required entire scores for the judges, an aspect that we do not see in the Panorama arena.  The score was sent to me electronically from Finland to Norway where I was living at the time, and after learning the piece, I travelled a few times to Finland to practice with the band. 
It should be noted that Ari is the only person I know that composes, arranges, makes all the instruments, tunes, and manages a band.

In the Finnish bandroom was a big banner on the wall proudly displaying the World Steelband Festival 2000 in Trinidad, where the band reached the finals with an energetic and memorable performance. Everyone was musically literate and very proficient at their instruments. What was also noticeable was the spirit and fun loving nature of everyone, and I am quite privileged to have performed with the group.

I got to experience Finland in an unique manner, met new friends, and played with a great steelband there, an experience that I give thanks for. The arrangement would be included in the Pan in Education CD released a few years later.
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Yes indeed, pan has come a long way, with great appreciation for the instrument and the music.


Men die, men suffer, for de love of Pan
From inception, of this great invention
Ostracized, victimized and treated just like dirt
They endured all the pain and the hurt, from since its birth
Chop hand, blood ran, love for Pan

Pan man, I salute you, for all you went through
For all you withstand, for the love of Pan
The pioneers, arrangers, tuners and the players
There's no price for all your labor and your sacrifice
For the love of Pan

Verse 2
Outcast, vagabond, of society
No respect for, your creativity
Without care, anywhere, down in de dry river
You fashioned the Pan with your hammer, without glamour
Trash can, iron, love for Pan


Is a love, is a love, is a love, is a love, is pressure (is steelband) x5
We going, we jamming, we starting together, we going down de road,
going down de road, bam, bam, bam

Verse 3
Today, some may say, Pan come a long way
Buth the man, toiling day after day
Practicing, till morning, just to mash de big stage
Not even to get minimum wage, forget de rage
This land, steelband, love for Pan


Verse 4
Tell me what goes on in de pannist brain
To take pain over and over again
Why don't we, clearly see, is not love for money
To some youths is like a family... community
Panman, woman, love for pan