Music by Mark Loquan
Lyrics by Christophe Grant
Arranged by Junior 'Ibo' Joseph (JJ Music Production)
Sung by Denyse Plummer
© COTT 2005 All Rights Reserved
Published by MLQ Music Ltd., email: mlqpan(at)
Released 2005 on Alvin Daniell's 2005 Calypso Compilation CD The Perfect Mix Vol. 1 and on Denyse Plummer's 2005 CD The Storm


"Ya know what it takes for a band to whip up a crowd in a frenzy at Panorama time, to the point where people say - Lord, when I get this fever, I forget everything."

I remember observing the change in atmosphere at previous Panoramas, and wondering why people seemed so detached from the music playing on stage or on the “Drag”. It was as if the whole Panorama had stagnated into formulaic arrangements, with the usual runs, and the audience was going through the motion of the ritual.  Where was that connection to the people, and why were people simply standing without moving as we used to see before?

Thoughts such as these caused me to compose Frenzy for my 7th consecutive year of writing for Panorama. It would be the 3rd consecutive time that Christophe Grant would be writing the lyrics for my compositions for Panorama, reflecting some of my sentiments, to wake up the audience and reconnect with an infectious rhythm and melody.  The recording was produced by Junior “Ibo” Joseph, who always seems to interpret and capture the true essence of the music.

I distinctly could have felt the electricity in the atmosphere in the Silver Stars panyard that year (Edwin Pouchet as arranger), with many people curious to hear and feel the frenzy in the band at Carnival time. So much so that I decided to join in with my tenor for the finals. What an experience! With Denyse Plummer waving the flag, and the players having fun performing their hearts out, what more could a composer ask for?

Frenzy would later be arranged by Gary Gibson for the University of Miami, Ohio Steelband for the upcoming Pan in Education II.


Here we are, once again
De Gran Savannah, Port of Spain,
Every year we congregate,
To discover just what is our fate,
Who will get victory,
On this night of Champs,
It is a test, to crown the best,
And man - it's so exciting, nobody cyar rest;
See the posse lining up (line up)
Everybody jumping up (jump up)... and de winning doesn't stop

Lord, when I get this fever - I forget everything
Yes, when the pan take over - and de sweet iron ring;
'Cause when this fever gone to meh brain,
Ah just find ah moving insane,
Jumping up in a - frenzy,
Spinning, pelting meh - jersey,
Tenors beating so fast, lord is - fire,
Music at full blast, is - murder,
What causing it all is just sweet pan

When de music striking up,
One could hear... a pin drop,
When we starting to perform,
Like you hearing a raging thunderstorm;
Doh run for cover,
This ain't no hurricane,
It's just a taste, cello and bass,
And man - it's so exciting, woman throwing waist;
And man eyeball popping out (line up)
Hear the masses scream and shout (jump up)... pan is what we are about


'Cause when ah get this frenzy,
I can't control meh body,
Is like ah crazy, ketch a malkadee;
Oh God, pan inside meh head, ah go dead
Call ah doctor fast
Pan causing chaos, mama this is mas!

By the sound hypnotized,
Everybody mesmerized,
It is so dam infectious,
You doh even care to study dust;
Who will get victory,
Is anybody's guess,
All who get beat, will say they cheat,
Next panorama, or when they next meet,
Until then they working hard (line up)
Everybody going mad (jump up)... to get into de Big Yard...


Repeat Chorus to end...