Good Times

Music by Mark Loquan
Lyrics by Chris Morris
Arranged by Junior 'Ibo' Joseph
Sung by Denyse Plummer
© COTT 2005 All Rights Reserved
Published by MLQ Music Ltd., email: mlqpan(at)
Released 2006 on Alvin Daniell's 2006 Calypso Compilation A Musical Treat, Tribute to Clive Bradley and Denyse Plummer's 2006 CD Denyse Plummer


"When ya look around at Carnival time, no matter what was in the news the week before, people come out to have a good time. It’s like nothing else matters for the moment."

The melody of this song was composed on the pan, with Chris Morris working with me once again to write the lyrics of the tune. The lyrics complemented the melody perfectly, bringing to life what Carnival meant to many.

Denyse did a great job singing the tune, and eventually the song was the 3rd most selected song for the Panorama. Combined with the success of my other song released for 2006, Colours Again, there may have been about 25 bands playing my music in 2006. I certainly did not write the songs knowing this was going to happen.  
I was simply putting out music that flowed, knowing that sometimes it may be a good year, and sometimes not.

It was interesting to hear Merrytones practicing Colours Again, and in the same panyard listen to their single pan band, Ice Water Ensemble, rehearsing Good Times.  The reward for composing is to see the impact on the players’ faces, enjoying the music, and to see them really getting into the music and having a good time. It was a great feeling to know that the young players of both Junior Panorama Finals Under 13 and Under 16 categories had won with Good Times. Darren Sheppard did a fantastic arrangement of the song for NLCB Fonclaire, despite his wanting to choose Colours Again for the band that year.

Technology may have helped in this particular case to spread the music. I sent Cliff Alexis an electronic version of the song, and he arranged it and had it fully scored. 
Our Boys learnt the song. The exciting arrangement can be viewed on YouTube, played by NIU Steel Orchestra.

For the Notting Hill Panorama 2006, one could see and hear Croydon Steel Orchestra perform the tune.

Thanks to all the bands and arrangers who selected this piece for the Panorama.


When last did you have a good time,
Where de music blowing ya mind
When last did you go out and lime,
With ya friends and ya feeling fine
When de big truck passing, people jumping
People waving, misbehaving, what ah feeling
Wining and jamming, getting on bad,
Is mas in sweet Trinidad

Jumping up in de burning sun, we jumping up in de band
Jumping up and we having fun... waving we hand

Come and have a good time, for de Carnival
Come and have a good time, where de love does always feel natural
Come and have a good time, for de festival
Come and have a good time, where de feeling always feel special
Jumping up to de sweet pan, playing mas with a steelband
Every man and dey woman, wining up in de hot sun
Come and have a good time, for de Carnival
Come and have a good time, in de heat of it all

Whole year, look ya working real hard,
Take some time out to get on bad
So sweet, here in we Trinidad,
Play ya self like ya going mad
Tell de boss man "look is J'ouvert morning"
You not working, with so much happening, it so exciting
Powder throwing, horn blowing, and drum beating
Look de whole nation heating up



Colours, how dey blaze in a rage
As de brass bands cross de stage
Every section, is like a new page,
Just to play is a privilege
See dem strong men and dem, in dey section
With pretty woman, dis explosion, a combination
Dey flexing, de next ting, dey wining low
Carnival, well is heat for so




Arranged by Cliff Alexis for Our Boys Tobago, Panorama 2006
Performed by NIU Steelband


Transcribed the arrangement above
For conventional orchestra by Gary Gibson