Music by Mark Loquan, Ken 'Professor' Philmore, Destra Garcia
Lyrics by Destra Garcia, Mark Loquan
Arranged by Junior 'Ibo' Joseph (JJ Music Production)
Sung by Destra Garcia
© COTT 2007 All Rights Reserved
Released for 2008


"Once you get a taste of the Carnival bacchanal, ya bound to get hooked, so pack ya bags and find ya way back home."

What a magical song, my 3rd and final song to be released for 2008. Again this was one of those songs where the melody flowed quite freely, one that I would be playing on the keyboard several months before being released. Collaborating with Ken Philmore on this song in the studio brought out some good vibes, causing changes in the chorus. The first time Ken heard the song in its raw form, he immediately connected to the vibes of the song.

Destra also added a beautiful part of the melody after the first four lines in the chorus, and if one listens well, you can hear part of the original melody in the background. All in all, the emotions and positive vibes of the talents in the room brought out the best of us and represented a great synergy among Destra, Ken and myself. Junior “Ibo” Joseph, who found himself hooked to the song, and working on the song night and day, deserves credit for his production and arrangement of the tune.

The theme for the lyrics came from Ken having an idea that you could forget everything once you experience Carnival and you would have no choice come back again. After I wrote the first draft, Destra rewrote most of the lyrics that was more “her” and gave the song another boost, while sticking along the main theme.

A couple bands have already started to arrange the song for 2008, and several others have the song under consideration for Panorama 2008. The irony is that the song is really geared towards the mainstream party circuit. Perhaps the crossover that I have been attempting to find between the pan world and the party circuit over the last few years after “Colours Again” and “We Luv Carnival” may have been stumbled upon.  Time will tell.


Everybody in mas ah ready
Hope ya book yuh flight to Trinidad
Who in de gym, and who done fit ah ready
Nah making joke, 'cause dey love dis real bad
Is a Carnival venom, in your blood
Come down for J'Ouvert, bathe in mud
And have a time
When we start up de jamming, cyar stop de wining
Misbehaving again

When you get hooked on de rhythm, from de iron man
You will get hooked on de tempo, and de bacchanal
And when you get de addiction, 'cause de music sweet
You will get hooked on de steelband and de soca beat
Why we love it so, we don't know... we cannot explain it
You will get hooked, I tell ya so... give me de tempo now
Take out ya flags and shake em up
And take out your rags and wave dem
Shake up ya rear, now get on bad, and hands in de air
There's no place like home (no place like home)

When you touch down in Soca Island
I'll be glad to see you once again
When you reach, there's no way ya leaving
Pandemonium dis year again
Time to start back de liming, have no fear
Forget ya worries, we doh care
'Bout stress and strain
'Cause again we'll be jumping, get yuh heart pumping
Panorama again


Time to start de Carnival
Leh we make a bacchanal (leh we go)
Carnival, Carnival, bacchanal, bacchanal (Repeat)
So when you think ya could take it no longer
Pack ya bags and find your way back home

Well you may have your own impression
Of our desire to just misbehave
But it's simply a burning passion
A fire blazing to free up on stage
So jump in a steelband, move ya waist
Look de expression, on ya face
Doh let this end
Yes my friend you'll be crying, feel like ya dying
If you miss dis again


Repeat 1st four lines of Chorus and fade