Music by Mark E. Loquan (5th year for Panorama)
Lyrics by Christophe Grant
Arranged by Leston Paul
Sung by Denyse Plummer
© 2002 COTT All Rights Reserved
Published by MLQ Music Ltd., email: mlqpan(at)
Released 2003 on Denyse Plummer's Lovin Up CD


"Do we really relate to our identity as a Trinbagonian or West Indian? For some, the pan jumbie is an identity as a state of mind."

"Identity” will always be a memorable song for me. It was the year I returned from working in Norway, and I remember listening to the melody play on a CD player for Denyse Plummer and her team, along with the writer of the lyrics, Christophe Grant. 

It really felt fresh, and the reaction was so very positive. It was the first of 3 consecutive years that I would work with Christophe, a gifted songwriter and lyricist, an interesting experiment, as Christophe had mainly been known for his social commentary winning songs. His concept for the song seemed to be a perfect fit for the melody, and Leston Paul’s magical touch and arrangement of this song was just what was needed to bring the combination to life.

Edwin Pouchet, arranger for Silver Stars really loved the song, and it felt really great that my music would be played by the band where I first learnt to play the pan as a tenor player back in the early 90’s. In 2003, there was no differentiation of Small, Medium or Large categories in the conventional bands, and therefore coming 4th in the semis among all the conventional bands and reaching the finals was quite an achievement for Silver Stars.

I enjoyed hearing all the arrangements of the song, and it would surprise me in 2005, when music from previous years was allowed to be played, that the song would again be played by a single pan band (who went on to win the South and Central Panorama).

The arrangement of this song by Cary Codrington & Seion Gomez, scored by Kareem Brown and Ben Jackson, is included in the Pan in Education CD.
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I am a born West Indian,
Spawned from emancipation,
But still they asking me,
What is my identity;
If you think that ah mad,
I from Trinidad,
Land of Calypso,
Pan, Tassa, and Limbo...

And brother dis riddim deep inside me,
Have me jumping in ecstasy,
Have to wave meh flag,
Mama, not to boast or brag;
Yes I just simply crave,
Just to jump and to wave...
Feel how de Earth it shaking,
De North Stand - it vibrating,
Come on, celebrate with me.

Pan jumbie - dat's my identity! (Repeat times 3)

From since de first Camboulay,
We come out to ramajay,
We pledge to beat we drum,
Jamming until they kingdom come;
Bamboo to biscuit pan,
Then on to de steelband,
As de iron ring,
A freedom song we sing...


You see I learn from small,
From small how to play meh pan,
You see ah learn from small,
From small, got to take a stand;
Cause de world have no pity,
If you have no identity,
I am pan, sweet pan and pan is me,
Yes, you see,
I am pan, sweet pan and pan is me!

Check out de syncopation,
Phil-harmonic vibration,
Mama, it is so real,
All this haunting sound of steel;
Pan men go take a bow,
We salute you now,
As we shake we mas,
To soca, steel and brass.


Pan jumbie - dat's my identity! (Repeat times 3)

Go search de whole internet,
For de true meaning of 'fete',
Nothing you will not find,
Cause it's just a state of mind;
Somewhere within your soul,
As de tenors roll,
Lord, it's plain to see,
It's your identity.


Bridge Pan Solo

Bridge and Fade