Killer Instinct

Music by Mark Loquan
Lyrics by Mark Loquan, Alvin Daniell
Arranged by Pelham Goddard
Sung by Kurt Allen
© COTT 2003 All Rights Reserved
Published by MLQ Music Ltd., email: mlqpan(at)hotmail.com
Released 2003 on Alvin Daniell's 2003 Calypso Compilation CD House of Music


"In a musical war, perhaps it is killer instinct that separates the  winner from the rest."

This was the second song released in 2003, and was supposed to be a more aggressive song for the Panorama, but unfortunately did not come out that way in the production. As the lyrics suggest, there is an element that distinguishes the top echelons of the musical war, and when one reaches the big stage, it is not just about conquering rivalry, but it is about obtaining superiority in music selection, arrangement, and execution and performance with discipline and organization. It is not about merely getting to the finals, it is about going for victory, otherwise how do you differentiate yourself from the rest. It is not only at the main Panorama event, but also maintaining a competitive edge right through the year, attracting and recruiting, and training in the various skills of music literacy and performance on the instrument individually and collectively.

We have seen so many examples in sport, where an individual or team reaches so far, only to collapse at the end. Perhaps it’s the killer instinct that makes the difference.

The only premise, where unfortunately there is debate every year, is that the judging be fair after one has demonstrated that difference.

This song was arranged by Nervin Saunders for the University of the West Indies (UWI) Steel Ensemble, scored by Nervin Saunders and Avis Bruce for the Pan in Education CD.
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If yuh know yuh weak
Somewhere else then seek
Than this bad arena
Called the Savannah
Like a gladiator
Yuh come to devour
With yuh pan sticks
Start sharing licks
So doh show no mercy
No sympathy

Show dem de killer instinct
Show dem de killer instinct
Sweating from yuh head to toe
Eliminating each foe
Doh expect dem to smile and pretend
De stage have nothing like friend
Panorama competition real dread
Judges does play with yuh head
Victory is all yuh must think
Show dem de killer instinct

Now yuh know what ah talking about
Show them you not just running yuh mouth
I suggest, what is best, in this madness
What it is the best does possess
Separate them from the rest
I think killer instinct

When you come to fight
They say might is right
So make sure yuh pan yard
Strong and kicking hard
So when you leave home base
Yuh could mash up de place
When de time come
For real action
And all who ain't dead
Badly wounded



Heed some good advice
They ain't biting nice
Yes the opposition
Come to throw you down
You know the enemy
To destroy ain't easy
Strive to attest
You are the best
You ain't playing for fun
Be number one