Composed by Mark Loquan
Arranged by Junior 'Ibo' Joseph
Instrumental with pan performed by Liam Teague
© 2006 All Rights Reserved
Published by MLQ Music Ltd., email: mlqpan(at)
Released 2006


"Music sometimes can generate strong emotions and memories. If you have lived in or visited Trinbago, I hope this piece generates a sense of nostalgia."

I had recorded the basic melody of this song (by Jason Dasent’s studio) before going to Norway in 2000, and found myself playing the song in the car while driving through the snow or through the dark sky (in winter the sun sets around 3 to 3.30pm).  
The song would always take me back home in my mind.

I decided to complete the song by recording it by Junior “Ibo” Joseph in 2006, with Liam agreeing to perform the pan for the song. The song remains one of my favorite compositions, simple and melodious, and most of all having that nostalgic feeling kick in. For all the Trinis living abroad, I hope it at least stirs up old memories of your homeland, and makes you feel the pangs of returning home. For all the people who have been to Trinidad and Tobago, I hope it makes you feel like making another visit.  » See video of the song at YouTube.

Liam arranged the song for the NIU Steel Orchestra, and ended the NIU Spring Concert 2007 with this piece.  
» You can see this performance at YouTube

In planning Pan In Education II, I thought that the boundaries could be stretched, with our own local pan arrangements of our music, being scored and transcribed for conventional orchestral instruments. We have heard classical music on pan, but why not reverse the concept and have our musical arrangements played in conventional orchestras. Gary Gibson agreed to be part of this exciting experiment, and transcribed Liam’s pan arrangement for orchestra. I felt good that we could do this kind of work at home.

The National Sinfonia in Trinidad and Tobago, conducted by Jessel Murray, kindly agreed to perform the piece at their concert held in Queen’s Hall in August 2007, like the NIU Spring Concert 2007, they also decided to end the show with this piece.  Judging from the response of the players and the audience, moving in their seats, the experiment showed that we clearly should explore these boundaries further with our own music. I hope to hear the piece on a full sized philharmonic orchestra one day. One person told me they loved the "soca on strings".

Thanks to Liam Teague, members of NIU Steel Orchestra, Gary Gibson, Jerome Julien, Jessel Murray and all the players of the National Sinfonia for being part of this journey.  We can now hear a complete arrangement of a local piece on pan and on conventional orchestra.


Instrumental Verse

Background vocals at Chorus 1
Dreaming of a good lime
Taking me back in time

Instrumental Verse

Background vocals at Chorus 2
Around de Savannah
For coconut water
Whenever the nostalgia hitting me when I roam,
(That is-pronounced in Trini) when I feel to go home
Make me want to go back home

Instrumental Bridge

Pan Solo

End song with
(Ah feel like) repeat
(Ah feel like going back home) repeat