Pan Celebration

Music by Mark Loquan & Andy Sheafe
Lyrics by Mark Loquan
Arranged by Jason Dasen, Mark Loquan
Pan by Natasha Joseph
Sung by Mark Loquan
© April 1999 All Rights Reserved
Published by MLQ Music Ltd., email: mlqpan(at)
Released 2000 for the Panssion for Pan Album


“No matter what challenges we face, there’s always something we could find to give thanks for”

While this song was written in a celebratory theme, I remember seeing Andy Sheafe, who co-composed the song, go through some really tough times as a pannist/arranger. It was a song to give hope through the rough times that one may face, and in a sense rather than seeing all the things that are not going one’s way, perhaps there are also many other blessings to be thankful for. In our case, we had the instrument born in Trinidad and Tobago, and many talented people involved, making great music. Some people have described this song as somewhat spiritual, and maybe in a way it is. We go through all the lessons in life, only to be humbled into realizing how fortunate we may be.

When Andy first played a bit of the verse and chorus for me on the pan and asked me to work on a bridge, everything just seemed to fit. Some years later, when I saw Andy again, he told me that every time he is going through a rough patch, he listens to this tune.

Natasha Joseph plays pan on the vocal track, whereas I thought I would be adventurous and ask Liam Teague, to do the pan version of this song. He willingly agreed, and was very professional, writing out the music notation and chords just before he put down his tracks. It was the first time I met Liam, not knowing we would be good friends many years later, and I thank him for sharing his talent with me at that time.

Years later after recording this piece, Amrit Samaroo arranged the song for St. Augustine Girls High School, scored by Kareem Brown for the Pan in Education CD.
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Give thanks!


Blessings in dis land, deserve a pan celebration
No, we can’t ignore, what we all have strived so hard for
We must have we ups and downs, but just take a look around
Brother let us use de pan, to give thanks for what we have

Jump up in de jubilation
Come join in dis celebration
Yes feel dat rejuvenation, music for all man
Somewhere in dis madness, there mus’ be a plan
So for all our gladness, let us give our thanks

Is there an anger that we don’t see
There is a danger, it controlling we
But deep down within our souls, there’s a rhythm to make we move
Turn our direction towards de pan, and believe
We making it right, let’s shake up tonight
Just show how ya feel, by playing de steel
Whenever de dusk reach dawn, we still hope we could right de wrong
We know de spirit could never die, sobe strong.

Instrumental (using Verse chords)

Hardship in dis life, can distort our point of view
Yet throughout our strife, go for what we wish to pursue
We can shape our destiny, but we know it eh easy
Doh forget we all human, and give thanks for what we have


We have a choice, to live and breathe
What is dis voice, mesmerizing me
And just how we sweat in pan, 
There’s a journey with fellow man
There’s so much to appreciate, and await
Who knows what’s in store, pan music for sure
Just bring out de drum, and work up de rhythm
Nobody go keep we down, use de pan to wake up de town
Just remember it’s not too late, to celebrate

Sometimes we doh see the forest from the trees
And we may be blind to all we have in our country
While we live with all our fears, let’s remember in our prayers
Celebration by de pan, giving thanks for what we have


Short Bridge
We here one day, but next day we gone
Do we dare say, life has just begun
We go through futility, to restore our humility
Learning from each experience, is the key


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