Rumble in the Jungle

Vocals by Chuck Gordon
Composed by Mark Loquan/Amrit Samaroo
Lyrics by Amrit Samaroo
Produced by Junior Ibo Joseph
©COTT All Rights Reserved
(for Supernovas, Panorama 2017)


In 2016 we saw Supernovas making the bold statement in moving from the Small to Large band category out of Surrey for Panorama, placing 2nd by a mere point behind the winners. It was a Breakthrough to the top five bands dominating the Panorama landscape for years, and the band is now ready to rumble for 2017. Amrit and Mark have come together once again to produce Rumble in the Jungle, with the band ready to enter the ring to do musical battle. Several ideas have brought the songs concept together. Firstly, there is the memory of the late world famous Muhammad Ali (passing away in 2016), who floated like a butterfly and stung like a bee, who won the historic bout against the then undefeated champion, George Foreman. This match was held in Zaire in 1974 and was referred to as Rumble in the Jungle.

Secondly, Supernovas wishes to follow up from last year, after much preparation during the year, to continue to throw musical punches in the ring. The sounds of steel will no longer be the same as the lion roars in the arena. The band is here to stay and ready to rumble not only in Trinidad but is ready for the world to see what it has to offer.

Thirdly, the noise and grumbling for the Panorama could not be lost for 2017. The lyrics were written by Amrit while there was close collaboration on the melody and mu sic between Mark and Amrit. Is time we show pannists our admiration, for bringing fame, love and praises to our nation

Musically, last year while the song went from minor to major from verse to chorus to simulate a burst of energy, this year the chorus starts in a major but goes into a minor mode.

The band Supernovas hails from Surrey Village, in Lopinot, home of the late cultural icon, Dr. Jit Samaroo, Amrits legendary father, whose contribution will always be remembered by the global pan community. January 2017 will mark the first anniversary of Jits passing and Amrit continues to forge his own path with Supernovas, taking bold steps for the band.

Chuck Gordon, two time Calypso Monarch, once again infected the song with his energy and spirit, with the musical production done by Junior Ibo Joseph.

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  Left to Right : Amrit Samaroo, Junior “Ibo” Joseph, Mark Loquan at studio

Left to Right : Amrit Samaroo, Junior “Ibo” Joseph, Mark Loquan at studio



Roderick “Chuck” Gordon has dropped the ‘Y’ from his name.

The double National Calypso Monarch winner playfully says he’s not questioning anything anymore in his career and so had no further use for the ‘Y’ in his famous sobriquet.

All jokes aside Chuck’s accomplishments and meteoric rise has been nothing to snicker about. The talented crooner wrote himself into calypso history at the 2015 Dimanche Gras by becoming only the sixth calypsonian to win back to back titles in nearly a century. #defender#6

In 2014 he made history by being the second youngest winner of the National Calypso Monarch competition.

He repeated the feat in 2015 with a tongue-in-cheek political commentary entitled “The Rose” and a patriotic call for national unity in “I Believe”.

It was a victory true to a trajectory that has seen him, in the past six years, branch out from his childhood Kaiso roots to establish equally strong credentials in the Soca arena. His offerings “I Never”, “Anything Ah Want” and “Blazin” are already Soca standards.

This year he showed his versatility on the crossover track “Personality” as well as maintained his consistent groove on the infectious Red Boyz produced “Take Me Home”.

The latter formed the title track for this European tour earlier this year that saw him take his unique sound to six cities including: Aalborg, Copenhagen, Oslo, Amsterdam, Paris and London.

In 2012 Chuck won his first title, the Lord Brynner Independence Calypso Monarch competition which commemorated the nation’s 50th Independence celebrations. His winning composition “Bear with me” called on nationals to endure the social, political and economic challenges we experience with the promise of better and stronger days ahead.

His two (2) national titles followed a string of consistent appearances in the finals of the National Calypso Monarch (four times) and International Groovy Soca Monarch (five times) competitions.

The Laventille-based artiste has also consistently contributed music to our national instrument, the Steelpan, with his 2008 calypso “Thunder Coming” being voted Pan Song of the Year after dominating the Panorama competition. 

Chuck’s success has made him a hot commodity on the International Carnival circuit. He also traveled extensively throughout the Caribbean diaspora this year participating in Carnivals across North America including: Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto in Canada, as well as, US-based festivities in Los Angeles, North Carolina, Arizona and Boston.

He was also recently nominated in the Best New Male Artist category at the International Soca Awards in New York.

Chuck Gordon has a busy 2016 ahead with tours to the US, Europe and Japan on his itinerary.

Amrit Samaroo Bio
Pannist, Arranger, Composer, Steelband Leader, Educator

Born 2nd July 1982, Amrit Samaroo has always been inspired by the work of his father, Dr. Jit Samaroo. During his formative years he played the tenor pan and won first place at the San Fest and School’s Music Festival in 1992 and 1999 respectively. Amrit holds an Associate Degree in Performing Arts from COSTAATT (The College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago), and Bachelor of Arts in Musical Arts from the University of the West Indies. He was the first winner of the Music Literacy Trust Fund Scholarship.

Although he enjoyed success as a pannist, his passion was arranging. He has written his name in the chronicles of pan arrangers in Trinidad and Tobago by taking the BP Renegades Youth Steel Orchestra to winner’s row in the National Junior Panorama Competition in their first three years (2002 to 2004) and to the runner-up position from 2005 to 2007. He continued to win other junior competitions with St. Augustine Girls’ High School Steel Orchestra.

In the senior competition, Amrit has taken bands such as Lee Chong's Pan Glow, Trinidad Nostalgic, Melodians, and BP Renegades (2008 and 2009), to the National Panorama finals. He continues to arrange music for Renegades in competitions like the "Pan is Beautiful Steelband Festival" and the "Pan Jazz Challenge".  

Amrit, along with his cousin Anthony Samaroo and other residents of Surrey Village in Arouca, formed the Supernovas Steel Orchestra in 2010. With Amrit as leader/arranger Supernovas placed second on debut in the small band category of the 2012 National Panorama. This was followed with third place in 2013. In 2014 Supernovas won this division of the competition.

Internationally, Amrit has arranged for the Pantime Steel Orchestra in St. Lucia since 2005. They have consistently placed in the top three of St. Lucia's National Panorama and won in 2013 and 2014. In the 2014 New York Panorama, the Long Island-based Adlib Steel Orchestra, placed second on Amrit's debut as their arranger.

Amrit has also composed memorable “made-for-pan” calypsoes such as “Brazilian Flagwoman”, “T.K.O.” and the popular “Band from Space”.

As an Educator, Amrit has conducted workshops in pan-playing techniques and arranging at the Pan New England Steel Band Festival (2008); and Panorama Arranging at the PANorama Steel Band Festival (2011) and PANfest (2015) in Virginia Beach.

Amrit is currently a player and a staff arranger of the Trinidad and Tobago National Steel Symphony Orchestra performing for world leaders and royalty, including Prince Charles of the United Kingdom, King Juan Carlos of Spain and the United States President Barack Obama.

Mark Loquan Bio

2017 represents the 18th year, Mark is composing for Panorama.  Mark was also the Musical Director of the first steelband in Western Australia, Perth Pandemix which started in early 2013, and placed 3rd in the 2nd Australian Steelpan Festival held in Brisbane (Sep 2015).  He is Honorary Founding Director of the Music Literacy Trust in Trinidad and Tobago, and has produced/co-produced works such as Passion for Pan album (2000), and the pioneering products of Pan In Education (2004), and Pan in Education 2 (2011).

Mark has produced several popular songs for Panorama, which have been performed in Trinidad, and across the globe in main pan events as well as in schools and universities.  Starting with songs like Glory, Passion for Pan, Fire and Steel, Identity, Frenzy, Colours Again (Pan Song of the Year COTT Awards), he has also collaborated musically with Amrit Samaroo, Edwin Pouchet, Ken “Professor” Philmore, and Seion Gomez to produce songs like Celebration Time, Hooked, Dangerous, Surrender, Calling Meh, Vibes, Bass on Fire, Breakthrough and Outta De Box. At the first International Panorama held in Trinidad in August 2015, Supernovas placed 2nd with his composition, Dr. Samaroo. He has also worked with a multitude of singers, writers, and performers and has enjoyed long term collaborations with Denyse Plummer and Destra Garcia over his musical journey.


Verse 1
Hear a murmur, coming from far,
It creating a tremor
It's not thunder, nor no speaker,
Matter of fact, it sounding deeper,
Ah following,
To see what making this grumble,
And it taking me further into de jungle,
What it is I could see,
But a steelband jamming in Surrey,
With music that moving me

Ah hearing the sound of pan ("Rumble in the Jungle")
It's an intense vibration ("Rumble in the Jungle")
Like Ali and George Foreman ("Rumble in the Jungle")
Bob and weave if you can stand ("Rumble in the Jungle")
When they hit the mi-nor key, Sound like Lions Roar,
I was really baz-od-ee, yes it shook my core,
What this music do to me, I'm not really sure,
All I know ah calling for more!
Wo-ya-yoye, dey rumbling,
Wo-ya-yoye, bass grumbling,
Wo-ya-yoye, Rumble in the jungle...

Verse 2
The winds shifting, it's exciting,
And the forest is singing
Crickets chirping, keep the timing,
Then the band kick, with their music
To blow yuh mind,
Performing in joy and splendour,
I start to move like I doh have no behaviour
Music from left to right,
Like they spitting fire just for spite
They light up the jungle night


Rumble Jam

Verse 3
As pannists sweat, dey fear no threat,
And they command my respect,
What they give us, comes out of dust,
Innovation, is truly genius,
Is time we show,
Pannist our admiration,
For bringing fame, love and praises to our nation
Pan so powerful,
It have potential to change the world,
That should be our nation's goal