Soca Have Dem So

Composed by Mark Loquan
Lyrics by Gregory "GB" Ballantyne
Sung by Anslem Doublas for Panorama 2016
Produced by Junior "Ibo" Joseph
Copyright © COTT All Rights Reserved


The combination of Mark Loquan as composer, Gregory “GB” Ballantyne as lyricist, vocals by Anslem Douglas, with production by Junior “Ibo” Joseph follows the biographical “Dr.Samaroo” from 2015 to create excitement with “Soca Have Dem So” for Panorama 2016. 

The song’s lyrics illustrates the effect soca music has on people during Carnival, Panorama, fetes with a sense of escape, drawn towards vibes to “leggo”, free-up, sometimes finding oneself in the middle of the bacchanal. The chord progressions and rhythm changes through the song create the sense of movement with the bridge/jam giving that free-up feeling. 

The music jamming, the lack of sleep, the crowds filling the streets, the pan music with people bringing their coolers, going from fete to fete, are all images conjured up in the song. Yes it is “de soca whey have dem so”. 

Left to Right: Mark Loquan, Junior "Ibo" Joseph, Anslem Douglas in the studio

Left to Right: Mark Loquan, Junior "Ibo" Joseph, Anslem Douglas in the studio


Is not a joker
She’s a hard worker
And she doh clown
When she hold de town
Just like a magnet she very all-inclusive
And she does wash away anything negative
Across de social barrier
No race or class it doesn’t even really matter
Soca, Soca

Because is pleasure for pain
Fire inside summer rain
Pulsating heat
As we signature every street
Speakers vibrating wid jam
Have every dancehall ram-cram
Joy overflow
Is de Soca whey have dem so

Party people, want to leggo
Jammin’ music, from head to toe
Sun come up so dey know
Cause when we jam
Time just come and go
Show dem dat you, really gone clear
Put yuh hands high, up in de air
Nothing cannot compare
Cause when we jam
De vibes could raise yuh hair

Jamming on Bumpers
While all de jumpers
Dey soaking wet
Yuh could take a bet
A conga-line go form and you in de middle
Ya better cock back yuh bow and extend yuh fiddle
You in de heart of bacchanal
You and yuh crew is who controlling de Canaval
More gyal, more gyal



Soca in Moka
Say Panorama
Or Army Fete
You eh call ting yet
Ah done tick off Band-Launching, Lara and UWI
Ah have mih cooler pack and mih juices ready
Ticket for de Boat-cruise done buy
Little money it go really have to multiply
No lie, no lie