Spirit Of Carnival

Composed by Mark Loquan
Lyrics By Chris Morris
Arranged by Junior "Ibo" Joseph (JJ Music Production)
Sung by Denyse Plummer
© COTT 2007 All Rights Reserved
Published by MLQ Music Ltd., email: mlqpan(at)hotmail.com, Destra Garcia
Released 2007 on Alvin Daniell's 2007 Calypso Compilation "Pan Gone Soca"


“Dis Trini spirit lives in all of us, and ya see it at Carnival time. Feel de music, when ya hear de steelband start to jam”

Once again Chris Morris and I worked together after Good Times (2006) to produce this piece to awaken the Carnival Spirit in all of us. It would be the seventh consecutive year of writing music for Denyse Plummer, the continuity of which would be broken with Denyse deciding to take a year off from all Carnival activities for 2008.

A song composed on the keyboard, it was enjoyable to see this song take shape with the lyrics from Chris, and Ibo producing the song.

The song was performed by Dem Boys (arranged by Roger Sardinha), who won the THA (Tobago House of Assembly) Pan Champs competition on February 8, 2007
» Seetobago

It was also performed by Southern All Stars for Panorama 2007 (arranged by Ismael Zacharali).
» Seetobago

Amrit Samaroo would later arrange the song for his band in New York, called Steel Sensations, with the song being used as the promotional song for the group. It is planned for this arrangement to be included for Pan in Education II.


Verse I
De spirit of Carnival, is beauty and bacchanal
Dis festival is so traditional; 
Dis Trini spirit lives in all of us
So we have to put carnival first. 
Feel de music, when yuh hear de steelband start to jam
cah refuse it, dis vibration mashing up de town
When yuh see a big truck passing thru
Yuh go know just what to do

hear what to do
hear what to do
hear what to do

Start jumping
mas in side de city
Start waving
we jumping with anybody
Start singing
cause we feeling happy
Start dancing
in de road is one big party
jumping and waving and singing and jump jump
jumping and waving and singing and jump jump jump jump jump
Start blowing
cause is j'ouvert morning
Start showing more love.

Verse II
De Carnival characters, does look so spectacular
Jab jab, drunken sailor, pierrot grenade
De moko jumbie making his-to-ry
All over dis world, dey promote T-and-T
Feel de magic, as de costumes glitter in de street
Yes yuh feel it, like yuhself inside de burning heat
When de midnight robber come to town
Everybody gather round

gather round
gather round
gather round


Verse III
Entertainers in gear, dis is another year
All ah we concerns, just disappear
Is about who in line for de-road-march
De calypso, soca and chutney mo-narch
Heavy jamming, all de brass men leggo in a rage
Party slamming, cause de entertainer on de stage
When yuh hear dem horns, begin to sound
All dem fete coming tumbling down

tumbling down
tumbling down
tumbling down


Repeat Chorus to end