Sweet 50

Composed by Ken "Professor" Philmore/Mark Loquan
Lyrics by Ken "Professor" Philmore
Sung by Dexter "Blaxx" Stewart for Panorama 2015
Produced by KMP Music Lab (Kenny Phillips)
Copyright © COTT 2015 All Rights Reserved


Sweet 50 honouring NLCB Fonclaire's 50th Anniversary

The Ken “Professor” Philmore/Mark Loquan team is back for 2015 to mark a significant milestone for Fonclaire’s history, celebrating 50 years of wonderful music by this south band in Trinidad and Tobago. Ken and Mark were looking for something special, something different from their previous collaborations, to mark the milestone with a “funky” sound and “live” feel, while aiming to capture the sweetness of music and festive soul of the band. The band was historically known as the "funk band" because R&B, Soul, Jazz and Pop music could be found in its repertoire in addition to calypso. A very special thanks to Kenny Phillips of KMP Music Lab, who produced the song, and who worked with Ken and Mark for the first time. 

The band was formed on Dottin Street under the house of the late Mervyn Scott in 1965 with the name Fonclaire conceptualised by Mickey Cardinal, as the majority of members lived on Fonrose Street and Claire Street in San Fernando. The band evolved over the years with Ken Philmore being its arranger from the late 80’s. Who could forget “Pan By Storm” composed and arranged by Ken in 1990, a well-known Panorama classic that was a winner in the eyes of many (Fonclaire came 2nd with this magnificent composition and arrangement). 

The team had collaborated to produce works for Fonclaire such as “Dangerous”(2009), “Rewind”(2010), “Vibes”(2012), and “Addicted”(2013), and Fonclaire also performed Mark’s “Good Times” in 2006. Congratulations on this milestone to all past and present members of this famous band of Trinidad and Tobago, with too many names to mention. The band is currently led by Milton “Wire” Austin, one of the band’s founders. The band celebrates with Sweet 50 for Panorama 2015, united with its followers from all around the world.

Left to Right: Kenny Phillips, Ken 'Professor' Philmore, and Mark Loquan

Left to Right: Kenny Phillips, Ken 'Professor' Philmore, and Mark Loquan


Years, 50 years we up with de stars
Playing music all about
People jumping up all around
Funky music without a doubt
Set de place on fire
Fire in dey wire

Sweet is de legacy of we band
Massive following we have
Fans from every part of the world
Take ah listen to what we play
Cause we sweet like sugar
Put yuh hands together
Leh we say……

Fonclaire, celebrating 50 years
Fo..on..claire, jubilation in de air
We comin’ harder than ever
And never fail to deliver
Setting a party feeling and start de chanting
We singing ‘bout Fonclaire
Celebrating 50 years
Fo..on…claire, jubilation in de air
Coming to start up de fire
To satisfy your desire
So leh we toast Sweet Fifty

Vibes never stop flowing, is a high
Can’t explain de reason why
Playing music is what we love
Special gift from de Lord above
It is so exciting
We could jump till morning

Come, leh we all rejoice and be free
Panorama T&T
1965 we were born
And today we still going strong
It is music power
Leh we come together
Leh we say...



Great, part of history, proud to create
A whole year is hard to wait
For this time of gladness and fun
Street parading, come rain or sun
Like a party fever
Burning hot forever

Thanks all de members past and present
We continuing de fight
This great band, a part of we land
United, forever we stand
And we strong together
Will never surrender
Leh we say...